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How to Use a Foam Roller for Pilates

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You may be looking for something new to add to your exercise routine. One great choice is doing Pilates with a foam roller. There are many benefits to this kind of exercise. This can include improved strength, flexibility, stability and posture. However, to benefit from this kind of exercise, you first need to know some basic routines you can perform with your foam roller.

Before the Routine

First, before you start on your Pilates exercises, you need to find your balance on the foam rollers. First, sit on the edge of the foam roller. Next, slowly roll to your back and use your hands for support. Draw in your stomach and let the roller touch each part of your spine. When you get on your back, make sure the top part of your head is on the foam roller. Before you begin, you want to make sure your weight is distributed equally.

Toe Taps

The first Pilates exercise you should do is toe taps. The foam roller should be placed across your back in a perpendicular position. Put each arm to your side so your hands are touching the floor and try to balance your weight. Now, bend your knees but keep touching the floor with your toes. Next, lift up one leg and touch your opposite knee with your toe. Lower that knee and repeat with the other leg.

Abdomen Crunches

The second exercise you should try is ab crunches. Again, lay with the foam roller against the center of your back. Bend both your knees and keep your feet on the floor. Keep both arms on your sides about three inches from the floor. Now, lift your head up to over your chest. Hold your head there for at least five seconds. Lower your head back to your starting position and repeat.


Again, lay on the floor on your back. This time, the foam roller should be placed under your hips. Place your hands at your sides. Hold both ends of the roller with each hand. Now, lift your legs up into the air. Move one leg up to over your chest while moving the other leg down towards the floor until it almost touches it. Repeat with opposite legs.

After the Routine

Pilates can be a great way to warm up for more strenuous exercise. Hitting the treadmill, exercise bike or basketball court after your Pilates exercises is a great idea. Performing Pilates after such exercises is also an excellent idea.